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  lady went to a hat shop to buy a hat. As she was very fussy, it took her along time to pick on one. Already at the end of his patience the salesman wasafraid that she might change her mind again so he tried to flatter her: "Ane_cellent choice, madam. You look at least ten years younger with this hat on!"To his dismay, the lady took off her hat at once and said: "I don't want a hatthat makes me look ten years older as soon as I take it off. Show me some morehats!"



  my favourite super star is jj , he has a lovely dimple and his eyes arealso very lovely 。

now let me tell you the story about jj 。

  he enterde the music indestry at the year __ , before that year ,he wasonly a boy who wrote songs for many super stars ,his songs were liked by manypeople but no one care who was the writer 。

he was noly hard to write songsbecause he like music ,he thought music has it soal , if you sing it by heart ,it well be lived 。

  i like a song of him , it#39;s name is cries in a distance , the song tellsus ,nothing is sad if we belive the hope 。

he has many difficulty , but his songsays , cries in a distance , can#39;t stop the tremble , i#39;m just waiting myturn , hiding will never , save me forever , the guns gonne get me for sure 。dear god i pray why won#39;t you be my friend , come to me and take my hand,like mama would say everything will be ok。

  now he is not rather a shy singer and performer , the lyrical songs makehim mature ,and now he is a man or not a boy 。

  he is a real super star with many fans ,the improve mark a big step forwardconfident 。



  Today I am very happy,Because I can talk about with you.You see I am

  a lovely girl,yes!I like laughing,I like studying.That`s me-- zhuyingjiefrom Badong shiyan primary school.I am eight. I am young but I know “we are themasters of nature.” We have only one earth. But now,the environment becomesworse and worse. As you know,there's no enough clean water for people. So manyof them lose their lives because of water.If we take good care of our earthtoday,it will be more beautiful tomorrow.

  My dear friend let us start from the trivial side,To be a good kidkeeper.


  acing this audience on the stage, i have the e_citing feeling ofparticipating in the march of history, for what we are facing today is more thana mere competition or contest. it is an assembly of some of china’s mosttalented and motivated people, representatives of a younger generation that arepreparing themselves for the coming of a new century.

  i’m grateful that i’ve been given this opportunity, at such a historicmoment, to stand here as a spokesman of my generation and to take a serious lookback at the past __ years, a crucial period for every one of us and for thisnation as well.

  though it is only within my power to tell about my personal e_perience, andonly a tiny fragment of it at that, it still

  represents, i believe, the root of a spirit which has been essential to meand to all the people bred by the past __ years.

  in my elementary years, there was a little girl in the class who workedvery hard but somehow could never do satisfactorily in her lessons.

  the teacher asked me to help her, and it was obvious that she e_pected alot from me. but as a young boy, restless, thoughtless, i always tried to evadeher so as to get more time to enjoy myself.

  one day before the final e_am, she came up to me and said, "could youplease e_plain t“大学生英语演讲稿中英文:青年人荣誉的标志”来自his to me? i want very much to do betterthis time. " i started e_plaining, and finished in a hurry. pretending not tonotice her still confused eyes, i ran off quickly. nat

  surprisingly, she again did very badly in the e_am. and two months later,at the beginning of the new semester, word came of her death of blood cancer. noone ever knew about the little task i failed to fulfill, but i couldn’t forgivemyself. i simply couldn’t forget her eyes, which seem to be asking, "why didn’tyou do a little more to help me, when it was so easy for you? why didn’t youunderstand a little better the trust placed in you, so that i would not have toleave this world in such pain and regret?"

  i was about eight or nine years old at that time, but in a way it was thevery starting point of my life, for i began to understand the word"responsibility" and to learn to always do my duties faithfully and devotedly,for the implications of that sacred word has dawned on me: the mutual need andtrust of people, the co-operation and inter-reliance which are the veryfoundation of human society.

  later in my life, i continued to e_perience many failures. but never againdid i feel that regret which struck me at the death of the girl, for it makes myheart satisfied to think that i have


  Without sunlight, there is no day of warmth; No rain, no grain of goodharvest; There is no water, no life; No parents, no our own; No affection, loveand friendship, it is not accompanied by the warmth of love...

  Thanksgiving, let us take heart is content to observe and cherish thepeople around, things and objects; Thanksgiving, let us in gradually insipidnumb, find life is so rich and wealthy; Thanksgiving, let us understand andtaste the gifts of fate and the passion of life.

  Thank heaven and earth, thank fate, heaven and earth wide, bumpy, but aslong as there is love in the heart, be grateful, we'll work hard, we can moveon.

  We accept it with a grateful heart, listen to their words, more than tenyears of reading, benefit a lot. We feeling everything, with e_quisite heartfeeling affection of selflessness and without reservation. Full of wise parents,their image in our hearts is so broad. We are surprised to find that at the sametime, they are eager to understand us, also want to be our understanding.Actually we can become friends. In the event we have a deeper understanding ofwhat is affection.

  The family is HuangJi oasis in the desert, when you're lonely melancholyweak thirst disease, glance was filled with brightness, soul get ease, and notbe lonely. Will act quickly to, only a drop of water, roll life, wang Yang willspread in the heart.

  The family is the north star in the dark night. Once our goal to pursue andignore it, until the day we not bian direction, look slightly, firmly in thefootsteps of a beam of light to guide us.

  The family is a harbor in navigation, and when our time is on the rock,glided into, there are no winds and waves, we can stay here a little, repairingwounds, ready to supply, high set sail again.